Hiking: backpacking, hill walking, tramping, bushwalking, trekking. In general: taking long vigorous walks in the countryside.

Hiking is just such a form of movement that gives you the chance to get into the most beautiful places in the wild, in different places in the world. Hiking teaches you to correctly assess your abilities and power levels, increase your stamina and develop orienteering ability, whilst having a meditation-like experience in good health.

Elementary knowledge of hiking is important and the ability to correctly pack a rucksack, erect a tent, safely walk and climb are basic. A great advantage, if not a necessity, is good durability and physical fitness. To test your form, you could start with a one-day hiking trip, and only then go for a longer hike for a few days, accompanied by a backpack and a tent.

There is an unwritten rule that a hiker must take and carry all the necessary things, while things have to be as small and light as possible. This means adequate clothing, water and food. You should also keep in mind that the success of the trip depends to a large extent on the suitability of shoes and other equipment.

Equipment: Ibizahikes give you always a tent, sleeping bag and mattress (included in a price)

If need you can rent also from us: back bag, hiking sticks (recommended)

Insurance: insurance is required

Hiking Equipment

The weather in Ibiza is fair but it can turn windy and wet within moments. In winter the temperature does not go below 5 degrees and usually it is around 15 degrees which makes for great hiking weather. When surprised, it can actually be very cold for a person that is far away from shelter. Needless to say it is important to be prepared for these occasions.

The basic principle of dressing for a hike is wearing layers that can be taken off or put on depending of the circumstances.

Jacket: A lightweight, water repellent and wind tight jacket. This is the top layer in most circumstances.
Sweater: This is the warmth layer and is taken off when hot but very important in case of cold and wet circumstances.
Shirt: Preferably a microfiber shirt that will not accumulate sweat.
Pants: Breathable and lightweight. Some pants have zipper off bottoms that make for a flexible solution when hot.
Footwear: Hiking requires good shoes. They should be durable, breathable and water repellent. Also, they have to be comfortable as it is the most essential piece of equipment. Always try your shoes out before a hike in such a way to prevent blisters.
Socks are obviously equally important and depending on the duration of the hike bring 1 or 2 extra pairs. Also, socks should not accumulate sweat. Wet feet are vulnerable to blisters and other problems.
Headwear: Most warmth is lost thru our head and therefore it is important to bring a hat. Fleece woven hats are light and do not hold sweat. It is important that a hat can cover the ear.
With sunshine it is also advised to protect the head. Ears and nose should enjoy the shade and in the sun the hat needs to be light and breathable.
Backpack: Every hike demands a backpack and hikes that include sleepovers need a backpack that varies from 60 to 85 liters to hold all equipment. A quality backpack is therefore essential as is a good anatomical fit.
Sleeping equipment: Tent/ Matras / Sleeping bag: Items provided by Ibiza Hikes


Hiking sticks: A great way of saving energy and controlling the movement of walking. People using hiking sticks are usually less receptive to injury.
Headlight: A necessary item and a headlight is advised as it keeps your hands free.
Toiletry: Other items apart from your personal hygiene basics such as a toothbrush, sun cream, mosquito repellent, band-aid.
First aid Ibiza Hikes always carries a first aid kit and are trained in first aid.