About us

Ibiza Hikes is an idea that visiting Ibiza can actually be an experience that makes you leave better than when you arrived.

It is the idea that if you respect the island and challenge it, the island will actually give back.

You can walk around and see but you can also hike, sweat and give in to its beauty.

Ibiza Hikes therefore aims to give you a challenging hike, break down resistance and let the beauty get into you. We are about guiding you into a raw and pure experience that is physically and mentally positive. We are not about caviar and champagne but we guarantee you´ll be taken care of in a proper way that adds to  the experience.

Ibizahikes is a hiking club and does not set up or sell a package tours. Participation fee covers organizational expenses.


Ibiza Hikes was founded by Andrus Emerson, a very experienced hiker and Ibiza resident since 2011. His hiking experience covers Kilimanjaro, Elbrus, Damavand, Jebel Toubkal, Iztaccihuatl, Illiniza and many other mountains all over the globe. Andrus did around the island various times on foot, kayak and MTB.

His love for walking in the outdoors inspired him to start the real deal hiking in Ibiza. Andrus has been active in Ibiza tourism for over 5 years and represents a fresh generation of healthy entrepreneurs on the island.

Andrus Emerson

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Botsu is a young pug who is our hiking club mascot. He was born in Latvia, grew up in Ibiza and loves living here under the sun :).
His first hike was 16 km long at an early age, 4 months old. Ever since he is crazy about hiking and always wants to lead the group. Today Botsu is hiking with us 25-30 km a day, being stronger and faster than most of the people. He is known to be the first pug and the second dog who has done the hike around Ibiza island.
If you ever want to see pure love with your own eyes then Botsu it is! He is very friendly with everybody! He’ s favorite activities are eating, sleeping, smiling and hiking.