Ibiza is an island that popped out of the crash of the tectonic plates of Africa And Europe with a surface area of about 570 square kilometers. It fits 10 times Manhattan,  5 times Mykonos and 6 times smaller than Mallorca. As it popped out of the meditarenean floor bed, it´s structure is mainly rocky but it is said that below Ibiza there is an enormous amount of crystal that empowers this little place. We find water wells here that are fed by the snow of the Pyrenees Mountains, filtered and delivered by underground rivers at 1.500 meters below the seabed.

In the days of  old the Phoenicians already had a feel for it´s magic thru it´s rich red soil and non-lethal fauna. The Romans send their generals her to recuperate from wars and when in the 60-ties  of the last century consciousness became a commoner, hippies soon found their way to these islands and defined much of its modern spirit. All in all, it is a special place wich accounts for a joint venture many different cultures thru time and space.

Ibiza is The highest point of the island Sa Talaia, at 475 meters, covered in a thick layer of green pine forest. These pine forests have been here for more than 7000 years and give these islands the name Pityuses which translates to the Pine Islands.

This very nature and surroundings make it for such an amazing place to actually perform physically in relation to its beauty. Not just walking around but really put an effort to embrace the energy this place has to offer.

You will be able to enjoy the island’s spectacular sunsets over the Mediterranean sea, bathe in crystal water, wander around wheat fields, vineyards, and orchards, scented with aromatic plants, such as thyme, rosemary, and lavender that grow disorderedly on every corner.

We provide different routes and levels all around Ibiza island and we vary every time. Our 1-day hike is an average hike in difficulty and therefore most people can do it easily.

Private hikes are custom and can be individual as in a group. We serve companies, groups of friends or even adapt to people doing retreats. Basically, we customize the private hike to the wishes of our clients. Even alternative routes and special detours can be part of this hike. In private hikes, we are willing to upgrade standards if so desired.

2-day hike Ibiza is around 33km with 1-night camping. The first-day route is flatter and the second day with some big hills more than 200m high. This hike is the ideal hike to experience a night in the wilderness.

4-day hike Ibiza is around 80km with 3 nights camping. It is a nice hike for a long weekend, covering a great variety of terrain and being away from society for 3 nights. This hike is not a beginners hike and will physically challenge you.

5-day hike Ibiza is around 130km with 4 nights camping and covers all the northern coast of the island. It is a competitive hike and an amazing journey thru the rough North. This hike is not a beginners hike and will physically challenge you.

9-day hike around Ibiza is a serious challenge because it consists of 9 days straight of hiking. For this hike, it is required to have good fitness and overall health.

4-day hike around Ibiza (cycling, kayaking, and hiking)  covers 4 days using mountain bikes, kayaks, and hiking. An incredible hike that will test your fitness levels, get your adrenaline flowing and guarantees lots of fun!