Menorca is the eastern island of the Balearic archipel. This is the second island in term of the surface after Mallorca.
Menorca surface is 701,84 km² with a length of 53kms.
The population of the island is 75 000 inhabitants.

Menorca is beautiful. Gentle, unspoiled, friendly and luminous. UNESCO realized this in 1993 and declared it a Biosphere Reserve.

People who have been living on it for thousands of years, for their labor of love to protect its essence, its laidback pace, and its landscape. Work that, admittedly, they did gladly, because when you love something you don‘t mind making the e ort to look after it, and the people of Menorca love their homeland. They love its ravines, its beaches and cli s, its forests and its countryside. They love their traditions, their festivals, their culture and the myriad flavors of their cuisine. They love the sea because it brought all the civilizations who settled on the island throughout history.

Ibizahikes will organize around the year hikes in Menorca Island with all the equipment, meals and support. The length of the hike in all Cami de Cavalls is approximately 190 km, and it is possible for the group to travel around the island for 6-10 days.
Also its possible to hike half of the island in 3-5 days.

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