9 day hike Around Ibiza island

This hike is a serious challenge because it consists of 9 days straight of hiking. For this hike, it is required to have good fitness and overall health. Hike is around 240-260km total, depending on the weather conditions.

The hike starts from Ibiza port and continues thru Dalt Vila and Playa de Bossa way, all Ses Salinas natural park, Atlantis, Es Vedra, Sant Antonio bay and city, Santa Agnes, Benirass beach, Portinaix, Sant Vicent, Santa Eularia and finish in Ibiza port.

The hike includes a professional guide, equipment for sleeping (tent, sleeping bag, and mattress), 3 times meal in a day, tea, fruits or snacks and final meal in Ibiza town restaurant.

2019 we will hike:

The hike starts in Ibiza port and ends in Ibiza port. Depending on weather conditions a day might be added with no extra costs.

Minimum group size is 6 people and max 12 people for 1 event!

Participation fee 999€

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