Rental conditions

The following conditions apply to rental of inventory from Ibizahikes

Inventar is owned by Ibizahikes. Unauthorized extra lending, sale, rental, and any transfer of inventory is prohibited.

The customer has the right to use the inventory only for its intended purpose.

The Client undertakes to use the inventory with prudence.

Inventory must be repaid within the term specified in the loan agreement. If the inventory is not returned in a timely manner, the client will be compensated for the delayed days in the amount of the double lending fee.

The rental company has the right to terminate the contract immediately if it turns out that the customer has provided false information, the client does not pay the loan in time, does not guarantee the maintenance of the inventory in lent, uses the inventory in contravention of the terms of the contract or otherwise violates this agreement. In case of termination of the contract, the customer is obliged to return the loan equipment immediately.

The Client is obliged to notify the lender of any damage and breakage of the rented equipment at the earliest opportunity. The customer does not have the right to repair the equipment himself (except as otherwise agreed). Rental equipment is forbidden to remove parts and exchange them without the borrower’s consent.

The Customer bears the responsibility for theft and loss of inventory. The Client is obliged to compensate the company that issued the equipment for the loss of equipment. In case of theft of equipment, the customer is required to immediately notify the police and the company that issued the inventory to the company.

The lender has the right to demand from the client all the damage incurred. If the inventory is destroyed or it can not be returned for any other reason, the customer has the obligation to pay both the rent and the full price of the inventory.

The customer notifies that he / she possesses the necessary techniques for using the equipment and uses the necessary protective equipment in the activity.

The Borrower shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer or third parties. Also, the damage caused by the use of the equipment. All risks related to the use of the equipment lie with the customer and the customer is obliged to compensate the lessor and third parties for the losses incurred.

Rental fee and deposit are paid before the lease term begins (at the latest upon receipt of funds). The deposit is refunded after returning the rented equipment. The guarantee fund will, if necessary, deduct amounts for the repair of the equipment or a fine for exceeding the repayment period (twice the daily lending fee for each day exceeded).